Eco Friendly Portable Toilets For Rent

Planning a green event and want to go eco friendly?

One easy way to reduce your environmental impact is by renting sustainable portable restrooms. At Porta Potty Rentals, we offer the latest in eco-friendly porta potties to help your occasion achieve its sustainability goals.

Our waterless composting units, low-flow trailers, and solar-powered models provide the same comfort and convenience as regular porta potties, but with a lighter touch on the planet.  This article explores the many benefits of providing sustainable portable toilets and why it makes sense financially and ethically.

Why Rent Green Portable Toilets?

Renting eco-friendly porta potties for events provides numerous advantages over traditional units. Here are some of the top reasons to go green with your restroom rentals:

1. Reduce Environmental Impact

Standard portable toilets require chemicals and water to operate. The blue chemicals used in most porta potty tanks contain formaldehyde and other toxic substances that get flushed into the ground and waterways. This damages local ecosystems. Eco-friendly units use composting or recirculating systems to avoid this chemical pollution.

Green restroom trailers also conserve water. Conventional portable toilets use 2-5 gallons per flush. Newer sustainable models use less than a gallon per flush or no water at all. For a large event with thousands of flushes, that generates major water savings.

2. Lower Carbon Footprint

Tractor trailers transport conventional porta potties to and from events, burning fossil fuels and emitting carbon pollution. Eco-friendly units generate less transportation emissions. Some use alternate fuels like biodiesel for delivery. Composting and recirculating porta potties also weigh less than traditional units, increasing fuel efficiency.

3. Help Event Hosts Achieve Sustainability Goals

Many corporations, government agencies, universities, and other large organizations have green initiatives. They aim to reduce waste, conserve resources, and choose environmentally responsible vendors. By providing sustainable restroom trailers, you help these event hosts achieve their sustainability goals. That positions you as a preferred vendor.

4. Reduce Waste and Odor

Standard portable toilets require pumping out blue wastewater tanks after the event. This creates a lot of smelly liquid waste for landfills to process. Self-contained eco-friendly units divert waste through composting, recycling, or sanitization. They produce little to no waste or odor, improving the event experience.

5. Lower Maintenance Requirements

Green portable toilets need less servicing during and after events. Their advanced waste processing systems reduce the frequency of pumping out tanks. Many include built-in sanitization features that minimize manual cleaning needs. Less servicing lowers your labor costs.

6. Qualify for Tax Credits and Rebates

Many state governments and utilities offer financial incentives for using eco-friendly products and services that conserve resources. Renting sustainable restroom trailers may qualify your business for tax credits, equipment rebates, and other cost savings.

7. Meet Changing Industry Standards

There is a trend in the event rental industry toward more sustainable products and services. Providing eco-friendly porta potties enables your company to meet evolving industry best practices. It shows leadership that will appeal to customers seeking green rentals.

Eco-Friendly Portable Toilet Options

If you want to start offering sustainable restrooms, here are some of the leading eco-friendly portable toilet technologies:

1. Waterless Composting Toilets

These units separate liquids and solids into different holding tanks. The liquids evaporate while the solids break down into compost. This process naturally suppresses odors and treats waste without chemicals. Compost can be safely used as fertilizer.

2. Recirculating Toilets

These units filter and recycle flush water instead of discharging it. A small amount of fresh water is added periodically. Recirculating systems sanitize waste without chemicals using UV light, electrolyzed water, or biological processes.

3. Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow porta potties use less than 1 gallon per flush, conserving significant water over standard units. Some low-flow models also have tank recirculation systems to minimize water use and waste.

4. Solar-Powered Toilets

Solar panels provide electricity to run lights and ventilation fans. This allows completely self-contained off-grid operation without fuel-powered generators. Solar power makes these units very low emissions.

5. Hybrid Toilets

Hybrids combine features like low-flow flushes, recirculation tanks, and composting. This maximises resource conservation and environmental benefits. Hybrid units are a good transitional option for event hosts new to sustainable porta potties.


Q1: How much more do eco-friendly porta potties cost compared to regular units?

Ans: Eco-friendly units currently range from 25-60% more expensive than comparable standard portable toilets. But they qualify for tax credits and rebates that often offset much of the extra upfront equipment cost.

Q2: Do event attendees notice or care if the restrooms are green porta potties?

Ans: In general, most attendees will not notice the sustainable features directly. However, high-profile events often promote their use of eco-friendly vendors.

Q3: What maintenance is required for eco-friendly portable toilets at events?

Ans: One major advantage of green units is they require less servicing during events. Waterless composting toilets need no waste pumping. Recirculating toilets only need draining every few days. 

Q4: How many sustainable vs regular units should I offer?

Ans: A good approach is to start by dedicating 10-20% of your inventory to eco-friendly models. Then increase this percentage over time as demand and availability of green units grows. Always promote the sustainable options prominently in marketing.

Q5: Do green portable toilets work as reliably as conventional units?

Ans: When operated properly, modern sustainable porta potties are just as reliable as regular units. The overall customer satisfaction is very high with quality green porta potty brands.