Deluxe Porta Potties – A Luxury Portable Toilet Solution

Deluxe porta potties provide a more pleasant experience than basic models and are ideal for special events, upscale construction projects, and any situation where people will be using the facilities frequently over an extended period.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes these porta potties “deluxe,” their key features, and how they compare to standard models.

Key Features of Deluxe Porta Potties

Size and Space

A standard porta potty is quite small and cramped inside, with just enough room for a toilet and a tiny sink. Deluxe models are more spacious, ranging from 60 to 120 square feet inside.

This increased space allows for a wider door, more legroom, and elbow space while using the toilet. Some models are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or multiple people.

Toilet Amenities

Basic porta potties usually just have a basic toilet seat over a waste tank. Deluxe models offer a more comfortable porcelain toilet, similar to a residential bathroom.

Some even have a flushable toilet connected to a larger waste tank or direct sewer connection, paper towel holders, toilet seats lids, and toilet brushes are also common upgrades.

Sinks and Hygiene

Deluxe porta potties feature a larger sink basin with running water for handwashing, compared to a simple basin and water jug in standard models.

They also have hygiene amenities like soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and even hand sanitizer. Some high-end models may have a mirror and grooming station as well.

Lighting and Ventilation

Proper lighting and ventilation make a big difference in the porta potty experience. Deluxe models have ventilation systems to manage odors, ventilation fans, and sometimes air conditioning.

Lighting is enhanced with interior lights that activate when the door opens. External light fixtures provide visibility and security at night.

Materials and Construction

Standard porta potties are very utilitarian, made from inexpensive plastic. Deluxe models use higher-grade plastic, fibreglass, or moulded composites.

Sturdier construction and thicker walls provide durability and soundproofing. Some have insulating materials to maintain temperature. The interior is also more aesthetically pleasing.

Why Choose a Deluxe Porta Potty?

There are several advantages to choosing deluxe porta potties over basic portable toilets:

Enhanced Comfort and Cleanliness

The added features like flushing toilets, sinks, and ventilation offer a more comfortable experience than trying to use cramped plastic porta potties. The porcelain fixtures are also easier to keep clean and sanitise between uses.


Deluxe porta potties provide increased accessibility with their spacious interiors and amenities like grab bars, making them ADA compliant.

Curb Appeal

The upscale appearance of deluxe units can help create a classier ambiance at upscale outdoor events compared to rows of basic plastic porta potties.

Guest Experience

Given the choice, most people prefer using a deluxe porta potty over a standard portable toilet. Providing a higher quality restroom experience improves guest satisfaction.

Employee Accommodations

For construction sites or other locations with longer-term portable toilet needs, deluxe porta potties offer workers a better daily experience with amenities like running water and lighting.

When to Rent Luxury Porta Potties?

Here are some examples of situations where deluxe porta potty rental may be preferable over standard models:

  • Upscale outdoor events like weddings, galas, or VIP parties
  • Music festivals, fairs, and events lasting multiple days
  • Construction projects in resorts, luxury hotels, or high end retail spaces
  • Film and television production sets with frequent bathroom needs
  • Outdoor sporting events like golf tournaments, marathons, or multi-day competitions
  • Public spaces like parks, streets, and beaches during festivals or events
  • Disaster relief situations where bathroom access is needed for extended periods

Cost Considerations

Deluxe porta potty rental costs more than basic units but can be worth the investment for the right situation. Some factors impacting costs:

  • Number of units needed and length of rental
  • Deluxe features and options added
  • Frequency of service and cleaning
  • Distance and delivery fees from rental company
  • Regional costs and demand during peak seasons

For a one-day event like a wedding or party, deluxe units may cost 2-3 times more than basic porta potties. But for multi-week rentals, the higher upfront cost is usually less significant. Overall, the enhanced experience and functionality make deluxe models a valuable option when facility quality is important.


Deluxe porta potties provide significant advantages over standard models for anyone looking for temporary bathroom facilities. With increased interior space, amenities, comfort, and aesthetics, deluxe units create a cleaner and more pleasant experience for users.

For upscale events and frequent usage, the added rental costs are often worthwhile. By understanding the available features and options, anyone planning an outdoor occasion can make informed decisions on porta potty rentals.