Where to Buy Porta Potty Chemicals? (Guide For Beginners)

Portable toilets require strong chemicals to help break down waste and control odors.

If you operate porta potties, it’s important to know where to buy quality porta potty chemicals to keep your units clean and functional.

This guide covers the best sources for procuring effective portable toilet chemicals.

Running a successful porta potty rental business requires keeping units well-stocked with chemicals to effectively manage waste and odors. Chemicals are key to maintaining pleasant and sanitary portable toilets.

Understanding the Different Types of Chemicals

Before diving into where to buy porta potty chemicals, it’s important to understand the types available:

  • Deodorizers: Mask unpleasant odors from the tank. Fragrances include cherry, lemon, vanilla, and floral scents.
  • Waste Digestants: Break down and liquefy solid wastes to help them flow out of the tank more easily when pumped. Contain enzymes and bacteria.
  • Biocides: Kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of microorganisms that generate odors and spread disease.
  • Dyes: Tint the tank water blue to conceal wastes visually. Also contains fragrance.
  • Cleaning Chemicals:  Remove grime, organic matter, and stains from the interior tank walls and toilet surfaces. Often chlorine-based.
  • Anti-Freeze: For cold weather use, chemicals that lower the freezing point of water to prevent blockages and cracked tanks.
  • Holding Tank Deodorants: Special tablets are placed in the holding tank to continuously deodorize and break down waste between pump outs.
  • Odor Neutralizers:  Air-freshening sprays and gels are used to treat the interior air space. Help remove lingering odors.
  • Disinfectants:  Stronger antimicrobials are used for deep-cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces that people contact before events.
  • Clarifiers: Combine coagulant and flocculant chemistry to make suspended solid wastes sink to the bottom of the tank for easier removal.

Purchasing from Portable Sanitation Companies

The easiest and most reliable way to buy porta potty chemicals is directly from major portable sanitation corporations that provide toilet units.

Here are some benefits of buying directly from toilet rental companies:

1. Specifically Designed Formulas

Large rental corporations develop their own specialized chemical formulas engineered specifically for use in portable toilet systems.

This ensures the chemicals will work effectively to dissolve waste and attack odors.

2. Bulk Pricing Discounts

Big companies that produce chemicals in large quantities can offer generous bulk pricing and discounts by purchasing directly from them.

This saves money over other sources since you get priced based on high-volume chemical orders.

3. Delivery Included

Most rental companies provide free delivery of chemicals when you order a certain minimum quantity.

This convenient service saves the hassle of pickup and transport. Chemical supplies are shipped to your door.

4. Proper Chemical Training

Established industry players can thoroughly train you and your staff on how to safely handle, use, and dispose of their proprietary chemical solutions. This teaches your team how to use chemicals properly.

5. Single Source Supplier

Ordering chemicals through your toilet rental provider consolidates services through one company.

You can handle all your portable sanitation needs in one place without multiple vendors.

5. Industry Expertise

Veteran companies have decades of expertise in formulating the ideal portable toilet chemical recipes that they constantly refine.

This gives you access to the latest innovations and strongest blends.

Ordering from Chemical Supply Companies

Specialized chemical supply firms outside the rentain l industry also offer porta potty chemicals. Here are some pros and cons of buying from dedicated chemical suppliers:

1. Wider Variety of Options

Chemical companies may offer multiple formulas, fragrances, concentrations, and packaging sizes to choose from. This allows more customization of your chemical selection.

2. Competitive Pricing

With more competition among chemical suppliers, pricing may be lower than renting from a toilet company with no bidding process. More choices create price competition.

3. Flexible Order Quantities

Some chemical companies have lower minimum orders and more pricing tiers to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

4. Limited Porta Potty Expertise

However, chemical suppliers outside the rental industry may lack deep expertise engineering toilet-specific solutions. Their generic formulas could be weaker and less effective.

5. No Delivery Service

You’ll likely need to handle pickup and transportation of chemicals ordered through suppliers with no delivery. This adds work compared to renters who deliver.

5. Unknown Brand Reliability

A chemical company’s brand may not be as established or field-tested as major rental corporations. Their product effectiveness is less certain.

Purchasing Chemicals from Big Box Retailers

In a pinch, basic porta potty chemicals can be purchased at certain large retail chains. Here’s an overview:

1. Readily Available

Liquid deodorizers and waste breakdown chemicals are commonly stocked at stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart. No special ordering is needed.

2. Off the Shelf Convenience

You can grab chemicals off the shelf with no wait. This provides a quick solution in a hurry or for small supplemental amounts.

3. Low Minimum Purchase

Buying from retailers allows small quantity purchases of 1-2 jugs without meeting wholesale order minimums. Good for small-scalee needs.

4. General Formulas

However, chemicals carried in retail stores are generally deodorizing and waste formulas not specially optimized for portable toilets.

5. Shop on Your Own

Purchasing from big box stores requires shopping on your own time without delivery service. You must transport chemicals yourself.

6. Potentially Weaker Concentrations

Mass market chemical concentrations may be diluted and weaker than commercial portable toilet formulas.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Chemicals

To choose the best source for your porta potty chemicals, here are key factors to consider:

  • Types of Chemicals Needed: Determine if you need formulations for waste treatment, odor control, cleaning, or antibacterial purposes. Specialty chemical blends exist for each function.
  • Usage Level: For large tank capacities or heavy use, you’ll need more highly concentrated chemicals in larger quantities. Buy according to your toilet usage demand.
  • Delivery Logistics: Look for suppliers that can reliably deliver large chemical orders to your facility on a schedule that aligns with your restocking needs.
  • Pricing: To maximize savings, look for bulk pricing tiers from suppliers that give your business discounted rates based on large order volumes.
  • Packaging and Handling: Assess if a supplier’s chemical packaging and containers are safe, effective, and easy for staff to handle. Proper training should be included.
  • Brand Reputation and Experience: Order from established chemical companies with proven track records formulating effective porta potty solutions specifically. Look for specialization over generalists.

Best Practices for Chemical Safety

Whenever handling portable toilet chemicals, be sure to follow these safety best practices:

  • Use Proper Protective Equipment: Staff should wear gloves, goggles, enclosed footwear, and other protective gear when transferring and pouring chemicals.
  • Follow Instructions Precisely: Carefully follow all usage directions provided for proper dilution, application, disposal, and storage of each chemical product.
  • Ensure Adequate Ventilation: Always work in a space with excellent airflow when transferring chemicals or cleaning tanks to avoid hazardous fumes.
  • Store Chemicals Securely: Keep chemicals sealed in original containers and locked up to prevent leaks or access by unauthorized persons.
  • Train Employees Thoroughly: Document detailed handling procedures and train all employees to follow safety protocols when utilizing chemicals.
  • Prepare for Accidents: Stock spill kits and first aid equipment in case of any mishaps with chemicals so you can respond appropriately.
  • Dispose of Chemicals Responsibly: Follow all state and local regulations when disposing of used portable toilet chemicals to avoid environmental issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What is the average cost of chemicals?

Ans: Expect to spend $8-15 per gallon for quality porta potty chemicals bought in bulk from major suppliers. Retail store prices for smaller amounts will be higher.

Q2. How far in advance can I order chemicals?

Ans: Most major companies can fulfill bulk chemical orders within a week or less. For specialty formulations, order 3-4 weeks out.

Q3. Can I store chemicals long-term?

Ans: With proper sealed storage between 40-80 degrees F, chemicals can last over 6 months. First-in first-out usage is recommended.

Q4. Do I need special licensing to buy chemicals?

Ans: No special license is required to purchase most porta-potty chemicals. Some strong antibacterial formulas may need permitting. Check your state regulations.

Q5. How often do chemicals need to be refilled?

Ans: For frequent-use units, plan to refill chemicals every 3-5 days. Have backup stock to swap in as chemicals run out in active toilets.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know where to buy quality chemicals purpose-built for portable sanitation systems, you can keep your porta potty units hygienic and odor-free.

Partner with a top supplier that understands your chemical needs and provides specialized solutions, training, delivery, and support.

With the right chemicals, you can maintain clean and functional portable toilets your customers appreciate.