Shower Trailers Rental for Your Event or Construction Site

Renting portable shower trailers is a convenient and affordable way to provide shower facilities at your event, construction site, or remote location.

Shower trailers are completely self-contained units that can be delivered and set up wherever you need them. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any situation.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about renting shower trailers including types of trailers, rental costs, delivery and setup, water supply and drainage, and cleaning and maintenance.

Types of Shower Trailers

There are two main types of shower trailers to choose from – luxury and standard models. 

Luxury shower trailers offer amenities like granite countertops, wood laminate flooring, dressing areas, private shower stalls, and even hot water heaters. They provide a spa-like showering experience.

Standard shower trailers are more bare bones with stainless steel or plastic shower stalls and vinyl flooring. They provide the basic showering necessities.

Within both luxury and standard categories, there are shower trailers with different numbers of shower stalls. The most popular options have 4-6 showers. There are also ADA compliant handicap accessible shower trailers for rent.

Shower Trailers Rental Costs

Rental costs for shower trailers will depend on the size of the trailer, number of showers, luxury vs. standard, rental duration, and your location.

Typical rental rates range from $200 – $500 per day for a standard 4-stall trailer. Luxury trailers can cost $500 – $1,500+ per day.

Most rental companies offer weekly and monthly discounts up to 30% off the daily rate. Delivery/pickup fees and any installation costs are additional expenses to the base rental fee.

When renting for a longer event lasting a month or more, it is sometimes cheaper to buy a shower trailer outright rather than continuing to rent.

Delivery, Setup, and Pickup

When you rent a shower trailer, most rental companies will deliver the unit to your location and pick it up when you are done. This door-to-door delivery service ensures easy and convenient setup.

Upon delivery, the company will inspect the site and position the trailer accordingly. The trailer must be placed on a flat, level surface and connected to water and sewer/septic hookups.

Luxury trailers may also require electrical connections for lighting, ventilation and hot water tanks. Expect delivery and complete setup to take 1-2 hours. Some companies charge an additional fee for setup while others include it free with delivery. Pickup involves draining and winterizing the pipes and a thorough cleaning.

Water Supply & Drainage Considerations

Shower trailers require access to significant water supply in order to operate. Most units hold 30-100 gallons of fresh water in onboard tanks. The water tanks need to be refilled 1-2 times per day based on the level of use.

You will need access to a water spigot with a garden hose to refill the tanks as needed. Wastewater will accumulate in a gray water holding tank and requires proper drainage. The trailers can connect directly to a sewer hookup or septic tank if available.

If no sewer access exists, wastewater will need to be manually drained periodically into an approved container and properly disposed of offsite.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important to maintain cleanliness of the shower trailer throughout the rental period. All floors and shower stalls will need disinfecting on a daily basis. Some rental companies will provide cleaning supplies while others require you to provide your own.

Check shower drains regularly to avoid clogs from hair buildup. Keep an eye out for leaks and any damage to fixtures, walls or plumbing. Report any issues promptly to the rental company.

All cleaning duties will be your responsibility during the rental period with complete interior cleaning required at pickup time. The rental company will sanitize all surfaces before the next rental.

Occasions to Rent Shower Trailers

  • Music Festivals & Fairs: Provide clean showers for thousands of campers and attendees.
  • Construction Sites: Convenient shower facilities for workers at remote construction areas.
  • Disaster Relief: Help victims shower after natural disasters that cut off plumbing.
  • Weddings: Let guests freshen up without going back to hotels.
  • Youth Camps: Portable showers at cabins or activity areas for large groups.


Q1. Do I need a special truck or permit to tow the shower trailer?

Ans: Most shower trailer rental companies deliver and setup the trailer for you. No special vehicle or towing is needed on your end. Permits should not be necessary unless there are access restrictions at the rental site.

Q2. How much space do I need to set up a shower trailer?

Ans: Allow approximately 15-20 ft x 8 ft for a 4 stall shower trailer. Larger luxury trailers may need a 25 ft x 10 ft space. The area must be level with no slopes or obstructions.

Q3. Can I rent shower trailers for an entire season?

Ans: Yes, many rental companies offer monthly or seasonal discounts for rentals lasting a month or longer. Long term rentals are popular at construction sites that need shower facilities on site for months.

Q4. Is it difficult to drain, refill and maintain the shower trailers?

Ans: The rental company will provide complete operating instructions on using the shower trailer. Refilling fresh water tanks and draining gray water is a simple routine process. Daily cleaning and maintenance are required.

Q5. What options are available for hot water and heating?

Ans: Shower trailers can be equipped with propane or electric on-demand hot water heaters. Some also have HVAC systems or space heaters to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. Discuss your requirements with the rental company.

The Bottom Line

Renting a shower trailer is an affordable and convenient option for providing shower facilities at any type of event, construction project or temporary location. With proper delivery, setup, maintenance and cleanup, shower trailers can make any experience more comfortable and enjoyable for all involved. Be sure to plan rental costs, water supply and drainage access accordingly. With the information in this guide, you will be prepared to rent the perfect shower trailer for your unique needs.