Renting Portable bathroom with Shower For Events

Portable toilets with showers are becoming an increasingly popular rental item for large outdoor events. While basic Porta potties get the job done, models with showers provide extra comfort and convenience for guests.

As an event planner, it’s important to understand the benefits of renting portable toilets with showers, and how to choose the right units for your unique needs. This guide covers everything you need to know.

What are Portable Toilets with Showers?

Portable toilets with showers, sometimes called “portable restroom trailers” or “shower trailers”, are self-contained units that provide a toilet, sink, and shower. They typically range from a basic 3’x6′ stall with a single shower to large handicap-accessible units with multiple private bathrooms.

The main benefit of these portable units is providing warm showers in addition to toilet facilities. This extra amenity helps keep guests feeling fresh and comfortable, especially at multi-day outdoor events like music festivals or sporting tournaments. Shower trailers are also useful when permanent showers aren’t available on site.

Units may have features like hot and cold running water, lighting, ventilation, tanks for fresh and waste water, and handicap accessibility. Some even have amenities like mirrors, benches, and hair dryers for added comfort. High-end models can rival bathrooms in luxury hotels or apartments!

Key Advantages of Renting Portable Showers

There are several notable advantages that make portable shower trailers a smart rental for many events:

Improved Hygiene: Showers allow guests to wash up after getting dirty or sweaty. This improves comfort and hygiene compared to only having porta potties.

Amenity for Camping Events: For festivals or events with on-site camping, showers provide a much-needed amenity for overnight guests. This makes camping more pleasant and convenient.

ADA Compliance: Many shower trailer models meet ADA standards for handicap-accessible bathrooms and showers. Renting an ADA-compliant unit ensures equal facilities for all your guests.

Efficient Use of Limited Resources: In remote areas with limited water and plumbing, renting self-contained shower trailers allows you to provide shower facilities without taxing local infrastructure.

Enhanced Guest Experience: Overall, showers improve the event experience by allowing guests to refresh in a comfortable, private setting. This convenience keeps attendees happy.

Factors to Consider When Renting Portable Showers

Choosing the right portable shower rental involves evaluating a few key factors:

  • Number of Guests: Estimate peak attendance to determine how many units and showers you need so wait times stay short. The rule of thumb is one shower per every 50 guests.
  • Type of Event: Is it a day festival or multi-day camping event? Longer events warrant more shower facilities to meet ongoing demand.
  • Duration of Rental: Weekend rentals are common, but calculate costs for longer rentals lasting days or weeks.
  • Site Logistics: Consider space for parking trailers, access to water sources, drainage, lighting, and road access for delivery trucks.
  • Handicap Accessibility: Determine if ADA-compliant units are needed to provide equitable facilities for disabled guests.
  • Amenities: Evaluate which comfort features (sinks, benches, dryers, etc.) will improve the showering experience.
  • Budget: Costs range widely, so balance rental expenses with the value of keeping attendees happy and comfortable.

Costs of Renting Mobile Shower Trailers

Rental costs vary based on:

  • Unit size: Basic 3’x6′ stalls start around $100/day. Larger trailers with multiple showers cost $300-500+/day.
  • Duration: Daily rates offer savings for longer rentals spanning days or weeks.
  • Amenities – Units with sinks, benches, and other features have higher rates.
  • Delivery fees: Rates may include delivery within X miles. Farther distances incur fuel/transport fees.
  • Cleaning service: Some companies include tank cleaning in rental fees, others charge separately.
  • Waste disposal: Dumping wastewater tanks off-site may incur separate fees.

Total costs typically range from $1500 – $5000+ for a several day event. The number of units needed makes up the bulk of overall rental costs.

Placement and Operation Tips

Properly placing and operating your portable shower rentals ensures the best experience:

  • Position trailers on flat surfaces with ramps for accessibility.
  • Connect fresh water supply lines to taps/hydrants. Extensions or pumps may be needed.
  • Run drainage lines downhill from shower trailers to proper wastewater collection points.
  • Allow space around units for entry/exit paths and waiting queues.
  • Provide separate men’s and women’s sections or trailers.
  • Post visible directional signs leading people to shower areas.
  • Keep units clean and stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.
  • Schedule regular pumping of wastewater tanks as they fill up.
  • For off-grid use, rent generator-powered trailers and fuel as needed.

Proper planning for water connections, drainage, traffic flow, and ongoing servicing prevents issues during your event.

Why Choose Portable Showers from RentalPods?

RentalPods is a leading rental service for portable toilets.They offer these key benefits:

  • Large selection: Choose from small basic units to deluxe handicap-accessible trailers.
  • Customizable add-ons: Add sinks, benches, dryers, and other options.
  • Flexible delivery: Get trailers delivered on time using their large truck fleets.
  • Professional cleaning: Their staff handles cleaning before delivery and after pick-up.
  • Reliable service: As an established company, they have the experience to handle any issue.
  • All-in pricing: Quotes incorporate delivery, pick-up, cleaning, taxes, and all fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How early should I book my portable shower rental?

Ans: It’s best to reserve at least 2 months in advance for large events requiring multiple units. Last-minute rentals may be possible for smaller needs, but are not guaranteed.

Q2. How do I estimate how many shower trailers I need?

Ans: The standard ratio is 1 shower stall per every 50 guests at peak attendance. Also consider the event duration – more showers may be needed for multi-day events.

Q3. What are the power requirements to run portable showers?

Ans: Shower trailers often include onboard generators or can be hard-wired to electrical hookups. Some provide both options. Discuss power needs with your rental company beforehand.

Q4. How is fresh water supplied to portable shower trailers?

Ans: Freshwater is fed into the trailers via garden hoses or supply lines. Hydrant adapters allow connecting to taps. Pumps help transport water from distant sources.

Q5. Where does wastewater from portable showers drain to?

Ans: Wastewater is contained in onboard holding tanks. Tanks need to be pumped out periodically by rental company staff into approved sewer or disposal facilities.

The Bottom Line

Renting portable shower trailers creates a convenient, comfortable amenity for outdoor events. With proper planning for the number of units, utilities, placement, and servicing, they can be a seamless addition to any large gathering.