How Much Do Porta Potties Cost to rent?

Renting porta potties, for events or construction sites is a common need for many people. But how much does it cost to rent a porta potty?

Well, the prices can vary quite a bit based on the type of unit, length of rental, and other factors

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about porta potty rental costs.

How much to rent a Porta Potty for a Day?

The typical daily rental rate for a basic portable toilet is between $50-100 per unit. Rates vary by region, number of units rented, features, service frequency, and length of rental.

Advanced notice and delivery fees may also apply. For a short-term event, expect to pay around $75-125 per standard porta potty per day.

Key Factors That Determine Porta Potty Rental Costs

1. Base Rental Fees

The base rental fee is what you’ll pay just to have the portable toilet delivered and picked back up. This ranges from about $50-150 per standard unit for a single day rental. 

The lower end is usually for high volume rentals like big events that need dozens of units. The higher end is normal for smaller scale rentals of just 1-5 units.

For multi-day rentals, the base rate may be priced out daily, weekly, or monthly. Weekly rates are typically 4-5 times the daily fee, while monthly rates may offer an even bigger discount at 10-15 times the daily cost. This makes long term rentals much more affordable.

2. Type of Portable Toilet Required

There are several types of portable toilets available for rental, with different features and capacities.

The basic types include:

  • Standard single stalls: These are the most common units with just a toilet inside. They are best for shorter events of 1-2 days. Rental fee is lowest.
  • Handicap accessible stalls: Similar to standard units but larger to accommodate wheelchairs. Rental fee runs slightly higher.
  • Deluxe units: Have more amenities like hand wash sinks, mirrors, lighting. Best for longer term rentals. Rental fee is higher.
  • Trailer units: These are much larger with multiple stalls, often men’s and women’s sections. Ideal for big events. Rental fee is highest.

The fancier the unit, the higher the rental rates will be. You’ll pay more for any accessories too like hand sanitizer dispensers and toilet paper.

3. Number of Units Needed

How many portable toilets you need is a huge factor in total costs. The more units rented, the more each individual unit will cost due to bulk pricing discounts.

Any delivery fees and other charges are also multiplied by the number of units. Planning bathroom capacity accurately based on event size is key to controlling rental costs.

4. Service Frequency

Portable toilets have to be emptied periodically. The more frequent the service, the higher the rental costs will be. Typical service frequencies are:

  • Weekly – For long term rentals at one location
  • 1-2 times for a 1-4 day event
  • Daily cleaning of porta potties for big events

You can reduce service frequency to cut costs if usage will be light. Extra emergency service calls if units fill faster than expected will increase costs.

5. Transportation Fees

Having portable toilets delivered, picked up, and serviced requires transportation by the rental company. They will charge fees for:

  • Delivery to your location
  • Pickup at the end of the rental
  • Mileage or fuel charges for any servicing

These delivery and transport fees can really add up, especially if your location is farther away. Avoiding additional emergency service calls reduces mileage fees too.

6. Discounts and Surcharges

There are also some potential discounts and surcharges that can impact your total rental costs:

  • Volume discounts for large numbers of units
  • Early booking discounts if reserving well in advance
  • Weekend or holiday surcharges for deliveries on those days
  • Fuel surcharges if diesel prices spike
  • Security deposits which are refundable if no damage

Ask your rental provider about any discounts you may qualify for or fees you can avoid by adjusting delivery days or times.

7. Additional Accessories

There are many optional amenities and accessories you can add onto your portable toilet rental for an additional fee:

  • Hand wash stations with soap and water
  • Mirrors, lighting, fans and interior upgrades
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer
  • Deodorizers, cleaning Chemicals
  • Waste receptacles and bags
  • Decorations or custom branding/wraps for high end events

All of these little upgrades will increase your rental costs. Provide only what is needed to save on fees. If attendees will only be using the unit briefly, accessories like hand wash sinks are probably unnecessary.

8. Long vs Short Term Rentals

In general, longer rental terms of a week or longer will have much lower per day costs than short term daily rentals. The delivery fees and other charges are spread across more days, reducing the per day cost significantly.

If you’ll need the units for an extended time, purchasing a month long rental up front can mean huge savings over daily fees.

9. Weekend vs Weekday Rentals

Similarly, weekday rentals are almost always cheaper than weekend rentals. Some companies offer drastically reduced weekday pricing to offset increased demand for weekend events.

You may at least avoid premium charges for weekend delivery and pickup by scheduling during the week.

10. Insurance

Temporary liability insurance for the rented portable toilets is an optional add-on but a good idea for public events.

It protects you in the event of any issues caused by the units. Insurance runs about $50 per event but brings peace of mind.

Taxes, Fees and Gratuities

Check whether taxes, other government fees, or gratuities for delivery staff will be added onto your final rental bill. These charges can really inflate the total. Ask for an all-inclusive quote.

Average Porta Potty Rental Prices

  • Basic Units: $60 – $150 per unit per day
  • Upgraded Units: $100 – $200+ per unit per day
  • Weekly Rental: 30% – 50% cheaper than daily rates
  • Monthly Rental: 50%+ cheaper than daily rates
  • Delivery Fees: $50 – $200 per delivery
  • Cleaning Fees: $20 – $50 per cleaning

So for example, renting a single basic unit for a day may cost around $100. Renting 10 basic units for a three-day event may cost $3,000 total.

Tips for Renting Porta Potties

  • Determine how many attendees will be at your event and rent 1 unit per every 50-100 people.
  • Place porta potties in easily accessible locations near the event action.
  • For construction sites, abide by OSHA laws requiring 1 toilet per every 10-15 workers.
  • Give attendants a way to contact the rental company if any issues arise.
  • For hot weather, look for units with ventilation systems to reduce odor and heat.
  • Avoid peak season price hikes by renting in the off-season when demand is lower.
  • Ask about discounts for non-profit organizations or long-term rentals to potentially save money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How early should I reserve porta potties for an event?

Ans: Reserve units at least 2-3 weeks in advance if possible. For big events, 2-3 months out is better to ensure availability.

Q2. Can I get a discount for ordering a large quantity of porta potties?

Ans: Yes, many companies offer volume discounts for large orders. Be sure to ask about special pricing for big events requiring 10+ units.

Q3. How are costs calculated for a multi-day event?

Ans: You are typically charged a daily rental rate per unit. A 3-day event would be 3 x the 1-day rental price per porta potty ordered.

Q4.What if I need the portable toilets for an extra day?

Ans: Contact the rental company at least 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time if needing to extend. Extra day fees will apply.

Q5. Is a deposit required when ordering porta potties?

Ans: A 20%-50% deposit is usually required upon booking. The balance is then due on the event date before delivery.

Q6. Can I provide my own toilet paper and supplies?

Ans: No, use of your own supplies is prohibited. But you can request extras from the rental company for a fee.

The Bottom Line

Renting porta potties is easy and affordable. Just determine how many units you need, choose a rental company, and the toilets will be delivered on the date and time requested.

Use this guide to understand all the factors affecting porta potty rental costs. Then you can get a precise quote and budget for your event, construction site or other needs.